"Edgardo & Candela” Presenting his latest show: "Original y Bailable” Salsa - Bachata - Cumbia - Timba - Candombe

Uruguayan born singer, percussionist, composer and Band Leader, Edgardo Cambón, “El Sonero Del Uruguay” and his Orchestra “Candela,” return to SJJAZZ Festival presenting his latest exciting and very danceable show, “Original y Bailable,” combining his own compositions of Salsa- Bachata- Cumbia- Timba and the rare Uruguayan Candombe music styles with some intelligently refreshed and cleverly rearranged classics. Hailed as a “Pilar Point in the Bay Area Salsa dance scene for over 35 years” by KJAZZ radio programing director Jesse “Chuy” Varela, Edgardo and his team of talented Bay Area latin music young and veteran masters, will keep you on the dance floor non stop!

$35 to $45, 3 days passes and One day Passes to all stages available, Please check link. Thank you!